Vision, Mission and Objectives/Finance and Banking Department

Vision: To be at the forefront of the banking and financial sciences departments in Iraq, with a commitment to excellence in the three main pillars of university education: teaching, scientific research and community service.

Mission :

To achieve this vision, the department directs its activities to achieve the following messages:

1- Providing a distinguished quality of high quality in student education that is compatible with the needs of the labor market.

2-  Developing and developing the capabilities of faculty members in the teaching and research field.

3- Providing advisory and training services through a close relationship with the community.



1- Preparing highly qualified graduates who are able to compete in entering the labor market easily, and who are able to continue postgraduate studies, in line with scientific development in the field of financial and banking sciences, and to supply banking and financial institutions in Iraq with qualified graduates to manage and develop them

2- Keeping abreast of global and local developments in the field of financial and banking sciences.

3- Increasing the ability of thinking, analysis and creativity of the students of the department.

4- Develop the student's technological skills related to investment and financial markets.