Admissions events

Requirements for registration, acceptance, graduation and academic wages:

Central admission conditions and controls in Iraqi universities:

1-It is required in the student who accepts in universities to be:

• Iraqi nationality.

• An Iraqi preparatory study certificate enhanced by the ratification of the General Directorate of Education in the governorate or a certificate of tie

• To be born in 1999 and beyond her.

• Successful in the medical examination according to the conditions related to each study, and students admitted to colleges and institutes are required to examine (CBC) or (hb-electrophoresis) in the competent examination centers, provided that the submission of the blind student (which meets the conditions for adequate humanitarian studies) is required by central acceptance.

• A full -time study, and it is not permissible to combine the job and study (at the same time) in the colleges and morning institutes, and this includes employees of all government institutions, and their continuation of the study is required to obtain a study leave from their departments starting according to the instructions in force, and it is not permissible to combine two studies as well and in the event that a dispute is proven This is written to the ministry to cancel his acceptance.

• From graduates:

 A- The current school year.

 B- The previous academic year is a central acceptance in any college or institute and they are accepted within the channel of accepting students from the previous school year graduates according to the minimum limits of the year of their graduation, provided that they are not enrolled in one of the studies (evening, private, private government education, one of the colleges The two endowments, institutes affiliated with other ministries).

• Students arriving for the academic year (2023_2024) have the right to apply via the electronic portal for the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow -up and through their electronic form and electronic application is approved after a temporary equation certificate is brought from The Central Admission Department, expatriates Division.

• Non -Iraqi students who obtained the Iraqi preparatory certificate and centrally admitted, are in writing to review the Central Admission Department/ Expatriate Division to show their exemption or demand for academic fees in foreign currency according to the controls mentioned in Chapter Seven of the Student Affairs Procedures and Admission Controls and its conditions.

Registration requirements:

The first step

-The official documents of the student (national card or nationality + nationality certificate + housing card) + colored cloning

-Graduation Document or support for grades is entitled to Basra University / College of Administration and Economics

Book of sponsorship is entitled to Basra University / College of Administration and Economics (the amount of salary is mentioned in the book with the continuity of service for the purpose of sponsoring the student and mention the name of the guarantee student in the book of sponsorship)

-The sponsor should be an employee of the permanent owners exclusively

-The medical examination form (from the nearest hospital or health center) on the student's residence

-Personal photos, 8 with a white background exclusively

The second step:

Electronic registration: -

1. Create a private or official email for the student and it is activated

2. Enter through the following registration link:

3. The student email may not be used to register more than one student

4. All the documents required from the student in the electronic registration link in the fields allocated to each of the clients are raised

5. Dear student, you will receive a message that determines the date of your review of the college in attendance to complete paper registration

6. Withdrawing the electronic registration form on paper.

The third step

After completing the registration on the university website UMS review the college according to the appointment specified by the college and mentioned in the letter that will receive you from the university's website via the student's personal email upon review.

-Bring the documents as in the first step

-The presence of the sponsor and the student personally with the identity of the sponsorship department, the warranty book, the original official sponsorships, and the cloning of colored

-A copy of the ministerial registration list showing the total and its series on the admission channel

-CD at the file after completing the registration.

Study wages:

1- The wages that are met by students admitted to the College of Administration and Economics are the evening study for the academic year 2023_2024, with no more than 1,200,000.

2- It includes students admitted and organized in the evening study by paying the wages specified in the above table.

3- The application of the equation for calculating the academic wages for students who failed with one or more of the evening study students is approved, similar to the students admitted within the morning private government education channel and from the academic year 2022_2023.

4- Reducing the wages of the evening study (for the subsequent academic year) by 50% for the first student on the one academic stage in the department and 30% for the second student on the one academic stage in the department and 20% for the third student on the one academic stage in the department, and for the supervisory body of the evening study validity Reducing according to instructions.

5- The supervisory body may reduce the academic wages by a rate of no more than 25% from the highest limit indicated in the above table based on a recommendation from the college or the place in installments of the academic wages.

6- The most distant academic wages are not fulfilled by the fact that the student’s acceptance or continuation of the study is in accordance with the instructions and controls in force, and otherwise, the college bears full responsibility.

7- In the event that the student withdraws or postponed his studies, the fulfillment of the academic wages according to what is in paragraphs (third and fourth) of Article (10) of the evening study instructions No. 135 of 2000.

8- The supervisory body of the evening study takes care of a reduction in academic wages for the college members in universities or private colleges, or the endowments colleges (Shiite and Sunni) or technical universities (persistent in service only) and their children, employees and employees of the Ministry's center enrolled in evening study by no more than 50% From the approved injustice, including contracting employees in accordance with Resolution 603 of 1987 and Resolution 315 of 2019.

9- Exempting students with special needs (the two seats) and students who have a health deficit of (70%) based on the reports issued by the official medical committees exclusively and those accepted in evening studies from the academic wages, similar to the blind students.

10- The relationship between the student and the college ends with the issuance of a decision to promote his registration from the study and not to demand the academic wages for the period of interruption, as it is not continuing to study and demands the scheduled academic wages for his peers when he returns to study as they are in the year in which he was returned only if he did not give him academic fees for the years before the promotion of his registration.

11- The fees for the application form on the evening study are fulfilled in the amount of (25,000) dinars only and for all specialties.