Student Discipline Instructions

Instructions for student discipline in the institutions of the Ministry of Education Higher and scientific research

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Type of legislation instructions

Legislation No. 160

History of Legislation

Enforcement of the legislation

The title of the legislation instructions of students' discipline in the institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Source Iraqi Facts Number: 4034 | Date: 22/02/2007 | Number of pages: 4 | Page number: 2


Based on the provisions of paragraph (2) of Article (37) and paragraph 2) of Article 47) of the Ministry of Education

Higher and Scientific Research No. (40) 1988

Article 1

The student is committed to coming

Firstly: - Control of laws, regulations, internal regulations, instructions and orders issued by the Ministry of Higher Education

Secondly: Not to prejudice religious beliefs, national unity, or national sentiments by maliciously or deliberately inciting sectarian, ethnic or religious strife, by word or deed.  Third: Not to offend the reputation of the ministry or its institutions, by word or deed, inside or outside it.

Fourth: - Avoiding everything that contradicts university behavior, such as high discipline and respect for the administration, faculty, staff, collegial relations and cooperation among students. 

Fifth: The correct, disciplined behavior that will positively affect him upon appointment and nomination for scholarships and fellowships.

Sixth: - Refraining from any action that would disturb the order, tranquility and tranquility inside the university campus (college or institute) or participating in it and inciting it or covering up those in charge of it

Seventh: - Preserving study supplies and property of the university, body, college or institute

Eighty: - without violating the proper course of study in the college.

Ninth: Adhere to the uniform prescribed for students, provided that the privacy of each university or body is taken into account.

Tenth: - Avoid calling for the establishment of organizations that would deepen discrimination or practice any kind of political, religious or social persecution.

Eleventh: Avoid advertising for any party, political organization, or ethnic, national or sectarian group, whether that is by hanging pictures, banners and posters, or holding seminars.

Twelfth: Not to invite party figures to give lectures or hold partisan or religious propaganda seminars inside the university campus in order to preserve national unity

Article 2

The student shall be punished with a warning if he commits one of the following violations:

 First: - In fact, he must be punished by warning, even though he had previously been punished with a warning penalty.

Second: Violation of order, tranquility and tranquility in the university, body, college or institute

Article 4

The student shall be punished with dismissal for a period of (30) thirty days if he commits one of the following violations:

Firstly: - an act that requires punishment by warning, even though he was previously punished with a warning penalty.

Secondly: He oversteps it by saying to one of the university’s employees who is not a faculty member.

Thirdly: - Defaming a faculty member in a manner that offends him inside or outside the college.

IV: - use of violence against fellow students

V. - the threat to carry out acts of armed violence

VI - carry arms or without different kinds of vacation leave campus

VII - Need and damage to the property of the university, college or institute

VIII - Abuse to national unity or religious beliefs

IX - exceeded by saying one of the members of the within the college or institute or outside of them

X. - To abuse the reputation of the university or the body by saying or deed

XI - the deliberate good functioning of the study

XII - proven guilty monument and fraud on fellow students and employees of the college or institute

Article 6

Punishable by requesting the final dismissal of the college or institute and the decision of the university or the body.

Firstly: - repeat one of the offenses set forth in article 5) of these instructions

Secondly: - already assaulting a member of the faculty or lecturers in the university or college or body.

III: - a shameful act and access without contrary to the Creator and public morals

IV: - submit any documents or books or forged documents with the knowledge of being forged or being one of the instigators


V. - proven guilty workers without prejudice to the security and tranquility within the university campus or participation in it or help it.

VI - when judging a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude of his sentence than the more than a year.

Article 7

Firstly - does not prevent the imposition of penalties stipulated in Articles (2) and (3) and 4) (5) (6) of this Instructions on the Pulp Contrary, from imposing other sanctions if the violation occurs under punitive laws

II. If a penalty is moved against the student for an act that is proportioned to him outside the university or the Institute is considering

Diplomatically remained until the penalty clause

Article 8

It is a dean of the faculty of the Institute and the Disciplinary Committee, headed by assistant dean of students and the membership of two members of the Commission Faculty and staff will be one of the committee members legally. And a representative of the Student Union (elected) and one staff costs Administrators acting decisions of the Committee.   

Article 9

The state may impose a penalty for a disciplinary recommended by the Disciplinary Committee students.

Article 10

The disciplinary sanctions are imposed on these instructions by a decision of the College or Institute and the Council

Authorize its sales to the Dean of the College or the Institute.

Article 11

 1- The punishment of alarm and clinics.

For the student for the college or the Institute for the period not exceeding 30 times the definition of a decision expulsion at the College or Institute Council and its decision is assertive.

Article 12

For the student objection to the chapter decisions provided for in the items (second, third, and fourth) from item (11) from this information during (7) days from a history of the decision of his right, it could not be reported During (15) Fifteen days from the date of declaration of decision expulsion.

Article 13

Attached the decision of the punishment in the advertisement board or the Institute for less than (15) fifteen days and reported

The student guardian is officially.

Article 14

Instructions of Higher Education Discipline (19) for 1989 Canceled

Article 15

These regulations implemented from the date of publication in the Official newspaper.