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Scientific Activities of Economics Department



Seminars and Conferences



The increase in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar in 2023/d. Youssef Ali Al-Asadi, Dr. Adnan Farhan, Dr. Sami Obaid Muhammad.




The path of development, the requirements for its success and its expected impact on the Iraqi economy 2023 / Dr. Amjad Sabah, Dr. Kazem Talal - Ministry of Transport
Dr. Muhammad Najah Al-Jazairi - Director of the Basrah Studies Center
Dr. Ahmed Saddam, Assist. Lect. Wad Fathi - college of Law




The general budget for the year 2023 in Iraq between the contradictions of reform and the waste of resources 2023/ Dr. Youssef Al-Asadi, Dr. Shaaban Saddam Al Imara




An economic reading of the Iraqi government’s ministerial curriculum 2023/Dr. Sami Obaid, Dr. Youssef Al-Asadi, Dr. Shaaban Saddam




The Peace Contract in Islamic Jurisprudence and its Applications 2022/Dr. Hussein Ali Hashem, Assist. Prof. Jawad Kazem Hameed




Encrypted digital currencies, economic and legal presentation and analysis, 2022/Dr. Amjad Sabah, Dr. Hussein Ali


The Arab Industrial Development Organization method (the Arab method)

The Creative Personality Industry/ Success Industry from Rawafid Al Janoob Organization for Development/ Asst. Prof. Ban Ali Hussein

Documentation in research and university theses according to the APA system/ Dr. Sami Obaid Muhammad

Investment Opportunities in the Field of Education and Higher Education/Asst.Prof. Ban Ali Hussein

Reading in English/Dr. Ahmed Saddam

The art of speaking and influencing others - Athr Al-Athar Foundation for Development and Training/Asst. Prof. Ban Ali Hussein

Britain's exit from the European Union (Brexit)/ Dr. Sami Obaid Muhammad

The future role of the Silk Road and the possibility of achieving rail and sea linkage between Iraq and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries/Asst.Prof. Ban Ali Hussein

Oil policy in the selection of patterns of oil investment

Managing tests according to the Google Classroom /Asst. Prof. Ban Ali Hussein

Unemployment and the problem of gender discrimination/Dr. Sami Obaid Muhammad


Regression Analysis

Effects of Pollution on the Environment Dorbs Organization /Asst. Prof. Ban Ali Hussein

The First International Conference of the Southern Technical University/ Conference - President/ Dr. Sami Obaid Muhammad


Studies on sustainable development


The first conference for the affiliates of the oil sector in Basra/ conference - speaker /Dr. Sami Obaid Muhammad


Macroeconomics for undergraduate students / Prof. Sami Obaid Mohammed Al-Tamimi


Addressing the topic of participating in a scientific research is women’s entrepreneurship, data and obstacles, a case study of the province of Basra/ Dr.nadwa Hilal Judeh 




A panel discussion on the poverty strategy in Iraq 2020-2030/Dr.nadwa Hilal Judeh




United Nations Program for Environment and Development Conference on Environmental Impacts of Discharging Heavy Water in Basra Province/Dr.nadwa Hilal Judeh


The possibility of hydrogen energy applications/ Dr. Yahya Hammoud Hassan