Overview - Department of Economics

The department was established within the departments of the college of Arts in 1965, and then transferred to the college of Administration and Economics upon its establishment in (1971 _ 1972), where (50) batches graduated from BA in economic sciences. While the postgraduate studies was opened in the academic year (1982-1983) when (6) students were accepted in the first batch to study master’s degree in the department, and doctoral study in the academic year (1986-1987) and it was accepted (2) in the first batch. The study of the higher diploma _Specialization in Energy economics was introduced for the academic year (2012-2013) and in the (2014-2015) academic year three branches were opened the student specializes in studying from the third stage:                           
1. General Economics Branch
2. Strategic Planning Branch
3. Oil Economics Branch
4. Transportation Branch for the academic year (2016-2017)