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The role of mathematics in economic science/assist. Prof. Dr. Risan abdul imam zaalan in 23/12/2021


Mathematics is the kingdom of science and its servant/ Prof. Nada Bader Harah in 22/10/2021


Word 2010 program - the first lecture/ Asst.Prof. Bahaa Abdul Razzaq Qassem

A developmental course in computers for the affiliates of the Martyrs Foundation in Basra/ the presidency of the University of Basra / the Center for Continuing Education/ Prof. Nada Bader Jarrah

Using disaggregated data and statistical analysis to identify and compare the skills of students with hearing impairment to primary school (an empirical study on a group of students in the schools)/ Asst.Prof.Raysan Abdul-Imam

The validity and reliability of the questionnaire/Asst.Prof. Raysan Abdul-Imam

Word 2010 program - the second lecture 1/ Asst.Prof. Bahaa Abdul Razzaq Qassem

Developmental course for upgrading employees_continuing education/ Prof. Sahera Hussein Zain

Arab environmental investments and their role in achieving economic growth for the period (1981-2017) - Standard Study/Asst.Prof. Raysan Abdul-Imam

Integrated Skills in Performance Management for Competency Building and Administrative Empowerment/ Prof. Nada Bader Jarrah

Word 2010 program - the second lecture 2/ Asst.Prof. Bahaa Abdul Razzaq Qassem

Scientific course "Developing statistical skills in agricultural sciences"/ Prof. Sahera Hussein Zain

Finding an Appropriate Distribution of Rain Rate Data in Iraq/Asst.Prof. Ali Nasser Hussain

Courses and the role of the supervisor/ Prof. Nada Bader Jarrah

Word 2010 program - the third lecture/ Asst.Prof. Bahaa Abdul Razzaq Qassem

((Developing statistical skills in agricultural sciences)) in the Department of Fish and Marine Resources at the College of Agriculture/ Prof. Sahera Hussein Zain

The Eighth International Scientific Conference of the European Center for Research and Consultation in the Humanities and Social Sciences "Knowledge Integration... A Condition and purpose"/Asst.Prof. Sahera Hussein Zain

Electronic archiving, Dissertations and theses available electronically, electronic libraries in universities and institutions/ Prof. Nada Bader Jarrah

Principles of Statistics First and Second Lecture/ Dr. Walid Mayeh Rodin

Writing and arranging the sources according to - Harvard System APA method/Asst.Prof. Bahaa Abdul Razzaq Qassem

International Conference on Management, Economics and Social Sciences - ICMESS Dammam, Saudi Arabia January 13-14, 2020/Asst. Prof. Sahera Hussein Zain

A workshop for employees of the Basra Education Directorate (obstacles to job performance in the Basra Governorate Education)/ Asst.Prof. Sahera Hussein Zain

Principles of Statistics third Lecture/ Dr. Walid Mayeh Rodin

The use of the visual programming language in software applications - General Iron and Steel Company/ Calculator Center/ L. Zainab Sabeih Juma

Demographic Dealing with the EPidemic/ Asst. Prof. Nadia Ali Ayed

Hierarchical Cluster Analysis HCA/ Asst.Prof. Sahera Hussein Zain 

Exploratory data analysis/ L. Ali Abdel-Zahra Hassan

Human Resource Management/ Asst.Prof. Nadia Ali Ayed

Research evaluation of the Iraqi Al-Khwarizmi Society/Asst.Prof. Nadia Ali Ayed

Pseudo-regression and error-correction vector VECM with application using Eviews v.9/ Asst.Prof. Bahaa Abdul Razzaq

Statistical Surveys/ L. Ali Abdel-Zahra Hassan



Using Markov Absorption Chains to predict the numbers of graduates in the College of Administration and Economics, University of Basra/ L. Fatima Hashem Falhi




Corona imposes demographic shifts in the world/ Asst.Prof. Nadia Ali Ayed




Statistical Program for Student Information - Student Affairs Section/ L. Ali Abdel-Zahra Hassan