Vision, Mission and Objectives/Economics Department


The Department of Economics - College of Administration and Economics - University of Basra seeks to be one of the distinguished economic departments at the scientific and administrative levels through the application of quality assurance standards and academic accreditation issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The department also aims to keep pace with the movement of developments in the corresponding scientific departments in international universities, as well as to strengthen the department's relationship with society and keeps up with the movement of economic developments.


the department seeks to serve the society through : 

  1. Preparing students to obtain a bachelor's degree in economic sciences.

  2. Preparing specialists in economic sciences who have master's and doctoral degrees.

  3. Preparing researches  and studies in various disciplines of economic sciences.

  4. Providing advice, economic feasibility studies and strategic studies to external parties .

  5. Cooperation with public and private sector institutions in the field of economic studies.

  6. Organizing specialized seminars and scientific seminars.

Strategic goals :

The department of Economics aims to :

  1. Improving the scientific level of the department (students and faculty) . 

  2. Keeping track of scientific and cognitive development in the field of specialization.

  3. Providing a better teaching environment for students and lecturers .

  4. Creating appropriate opportunities to meet the department's need of scientific competencies.

Improvement and expansion in response to the labor market and community service