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Scientific Activities of Accounting Department



Seminars and Conferences




Electronic Drugs/Assist. L. Iman Raad Ftah/2023




Government Financial Information Management System GFMIS / Assist. L. Marwa Nabil Abdullah 2023




A scientific seminar entitled (Driving Arabic in the Light of Computer Linguistics)/Assist. Prof. Dr. Abbas Abdulaziz /2023




A scientific seminar entitled (The Theory of Patuary metaphor and its applications in linguistic and non -linguistic fields)/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Abbas Abdulaziz /2023




The effect of the use of social costs and the environment on the performance evaluation/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Fayhaa Abdel -Khaleq /2023




International Financial Reporting Standards and the Korona/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Munther Jabbar Dagher/ 2023




How to write a scientific research to the preliminary studies of the student of the college of administration and economics/ Assist.L.Muhammad Abdel Reda +Assist.L.Iman Raad/2023




Scientific seminar entitled ( The Husseini Renaissance between the discourse of reform and the language of numbers) / Prof. Dr. Abbas Abdul Aziz/2023




The future and reality of accounting research / Assist. Prof. Dr. Suhail abdullah/2023




The reality of Taxes accounting and Iraqi politics development/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Ilham jaafer/2023


Qualitative characteristics of useful financial information

Accounting and Auditing Course in the Maintenance Department in Basra/ Asst.Prof.kifah jabaar hassan

7th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management (ICITM) held during March 7-9 2018 In Oxford University United Kingdom/ Dr.Tariq Tawfik Youssef

The role of banking companies in controlling money laundering operations in Basra Governorate/ L. Ali Taha Yassin

Costs variances: Computing and Analysis Direct Cost Variances/ Dr. Hashim Ali Hashim

The decentralized government accounting system in Iraq - a training course at the Continuing Education Center at the University of Basra/ Asst.L. Mustafa Mohammed Jassim

International Conference on Advance Accounting and Finance (ICAAF-18). Held on 28th October 2018 at Munich, Germany/Dr.Tariq Tawfik Youssef

Electronic audit in commercial banks/ L.Ali Taha Yassin

An Introduction to Cost Terms and Purposes

Accounting and Auditing/ Asst.L. Ali Taha Yassin

Fourth Annual Global Strategy and Emerging Markets (GSEM) Conference held at University of Texas at Dallas, USA, on May 8-10, 2019/ Dr.Tariq Tawfik Youssef


The organizational structure of the government accounting system/Asst.L. Ali Taha

Accounting/ Asst.L. Ali Taha Yassin

International conference “New challenges in corporate governance: Theory and practice” in Naples, Italy (The University of Naples on October 3-4, 2019/ Dr.Tariq Tawfik Youssef


Auditing Standards/ Asst.L. Siham Muhammad Jassim


Factors affecting the performance of students of the Accounting Department/ Asst.Prof. Fayhaa Abdel Khaleq Mahmoud


Construction contracts (contracting companies accounting)/ Dr. Abdul Hussein Tawfiq Shibli