Theses and Dissertations of the Department - Accounting Department

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1 The elements of implementing managerial accounting practices in small and medium-sized enterprises To download click here
2 The impact of the ownership structures on the information
asymmetry: accounting conservatism as a mediating variable
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The relationship and impact of the results of measuring and analyzing quality costs on financial performance, an applied study in the Baghdad Company for Soft Drinks

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The Evaluation of Unified Accounting System In the light Of Accounting Theory and International and Iraqi Accounting Standards

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Contingency Approach in Management Accounting and the Performance of Research and Development (R&D) in Universities of Iraq (Basrah and Baghdad as a Model)

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The effect of capital expansions on profitability An applied study on a group of companies listed in the Iraq Stock Exchange

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The extent to which the balanced scorecard can be used to evaluate performance in the oil extraction industry an applied study in the Basra Oil Company

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Approval of external contracting for the internal audit function and its impact on the quality of external audit

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The impact of the audit firm’s size, retention period, and specialization in client activity in reducing profit management

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The extent to which Iraqi private banks adopt the requirements of accounting for financial instruments in the light of international accounting standards

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The extent to which the program and performance budget can be used in investment projects for the local government in Basra Governorate

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The impact of the qualitative characteristics of accounting information on organizational strength

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