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Scientific Activities of Management Information Systems Department



Seminars and Conferences





The financial crisis and its repercussions on the Iraqi economy/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Sikna Jahia / 2023




The role of databases in software projects /  L. Noura Hasan2023/



Basic principles of the program Power Point/ L. Ahmed Nasir/ 2022

Security planning to eliminate crises and disasters that occur in the world in general and Iraq in particular / Assist. L. Muslim Khribt2022/



  1. Editing official books

  2. Human Resources Management/ L. Dr. Arafat Nasir/ 2022

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLECTUALS’ GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY (ICIGR)/ The Link Between Internet Control Mechanisms and Corporate Performance: A study for a new aspect to Support Economic Growth 2022/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Tariq Tawfiq



Store management/ Assist. L. Amal Taha/ 2022

INTERNATIONAL DOCTORAL COLLOQUIUM DOCTORAL PROGRAM IN ACCOUNTING UNIVERSITY OF BRAWIJAYA/ New Perspective on Internal Control Mechanisms and Company performance/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Tariq Tawfiq /2022




International conference on Accounting and Financial studies/ Do Leadership Mechanisms and Board features influence Company Performance: A New Model/ Assist. Prof. Dr. Tariq Tawfiq /2022




Fifth International Conference on Languages, Translation, Social and Educational Sciences (LTESS-22)/ L. Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdulla/2022




Intellectual capital maintenance and modernization/ E-learning and its role in the success of higher education from the perspective of students of the College of Management and Economics, Department of Information Systems, fourth stage, for the years 2019-2022/ Assist. L. Mariam Salim _L. Dr. Arafat




The digital revolution as a tool for sustainable development and a tool for economic and administrative planning in Iraq / Electronic management requirements and their impact on achieving organizational citizenship behavior - an exploratory study of a sample of Basra Oil Company employees/ Assist. L. Amal Taha/ 2022


Managing Information and Data Sources - First and Second Lecture/ Asst.L. Arafat Nasser Jassim


Participation in a research entitled The Impact of Inter-Arab Investments on Economic Growth for the period (1980-2017) Standard Study/Conference - Participant/ Asst. Prof. Skanat Jahih Faraj

How to use Matlab in digital image processing/ L. Ahmed Nasser Ismail

Managing Information and Data Sources - Third and Fourth Lecture/ Asst.L. Arafat Nasser Jassim


Conference in Malaysia/ Conference - Participant/ L. Ahmed Nasser Ismail


Artificial Intelligence - first lecture


Iraqi Al-Khwarizmi Association/ Conference - Guest/ L. Ahmed Nasser Ismail


Artificial Intelligence - second lecture




Principles of Economics/Asst. Prof. Skanat Jahih Faraj