College Council

College Council



Prof. Dr. Abdul Hussien Tawfiq Shibli
Dean of the college
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ammar Yousif Dhicher
Assistant dean for scientific affairs


Assistant dean for Administrative affairs/ Business facilitation
L. Dr. Muhanad Hadi Salih
Assistant dean for Students Affairs
Assist. Prof. Dr. Alhaam Jaffer 
Head of Accounting Department
Prof. Dr. Hadi Abdul Wahaab Abdul Imam
Head of Business Administration Department
 Assist. Prof. Dr. Rabeaa Kasim Thijeel
Head of Economics Department
Assist. Prof. Dr. Bahaa Abdulrazak Qasim
Head of Statistics Department

Professor Dr. Muntazer Fadel Saad Al-Battat

 Head of Financing and Banking Department

Assist. Prof. Dr.Walid Maya Rodin

Head of Management information systems Department