Vision, Mission and Objectives/Accounting Department

Vision: Excellence in innovation in the performance of the educational and research process and accounting knowledge in accordance with scientific standards in order to achieve leadership.

Mission: The graduation of qualified and trained human cadres according to the accounting disciplines required in the labor market and the continuous encouragement to develop and diversify theoretical and applied research on a continuous basis to address scientific, professional and environmental issues to serve the business establishments and organizations aimed at the graduate.

Renewable scientific developments in the various branches of specialization. The department also seeks to rehabilitate its students, provide them with the necessary skills, and use the latest modern technologies in information systems and accounting applications using computers. The department also prepares students for advanced and higher studies in accounting specializations.

Objectives: This department aims to study the science of accounting and to provide students with the technical and scientific skills and competencies to practice the profession of accounting in all its branches in various institutions and organizations, including commercial, industrial and agricultural companies, banks, and government agencies with their various units, as well as private accounting office’s spread throughout the country, through a scientific new methodology.

Strategic Goals

1- Developing and evaluating teaching methods and educational curricula to keep pace with development

2- Qualifying and training new faculty members who have been awarded the title of Assistant Professor to develop their competence for a period of no less than three months

3- Establishing laboratories and workshops to link the theoretical side with the practical side in light of the needs of the labor market

4- Finding systems to motivate teachers and staff

5- Development of the electronic central library