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Scientific Activities of Business Administration Department



Seminars and Conferences



1-leadership skills

2-negotiate management

3-changing management

4-time management

2023 continues education

Lect. Dr. Abas abdul Hamid

1-enhancing triangular dimensions of teamwork at the top through knowledge donating an exploratory study 2021

2-integration of knowledge management trends and the joint evaluation framework as an attempt to reduce some environmental crises Turkey 2022.

3-the role of the communities of practice and clean production technology in supporting environmental management systems local 2022

 Lect. Dr. Muhammad saleh hadi



Modern electronic ,teaching methods ,college of information technology 2023

Prof. Dr. Orouba Rashid Al-Badran

The Digital revolution as a tool for sustainable development and a tool for economic and administrative planning in Iraq 2022

Lect. Amar Nazar Mustafa



1 - Leadership skills Administrative 2022 Continuing Education

2- Project management

Professionalism 2022 Continuing Education

4 - Planning of structures

A regulatory continuing education

5 - Negotiation Management 2023 Continuing Education Assist. Lect. Basil Jabbar

The Digital revolution as a tool for sustainable development and a tool for economic and administrative planning in Iraq 2022

Assist. Lect. Ahmed Abed Saaud



Decision-making National Security Directorate 2021 Assist. Lect. Muhammad Abdel Reda Farag

Iraqi Business Administration Association Conference 2023, Prof. Dr. Orouba Rashid Al-Badran




-The Third International Scientific Conference (Academic scientific output and its impact on the intellectual structure of students and society), which was held by Imam Al-Kadhim College, peace be upon him, 2023.

-The First Scientific Conference for Administrative and Accounting Sciences - Al-Kunoz University College, research published in Al-Kunoz Scientific Journal)

Assist. Prof. Zaid Sadiq Majid




Al-Mustansiriya University Conference on rational leadership and sustainable development, ways of economic reform

Iraqi 2023

Assist. Lect. Rana Abdullah




Digital technology in industry to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals 2022, local   Assist. Lect. Basil Jabbar Ajeel


Lectures in the subject of knowledge management/ Dr. Mohamed Saleh Hadi

Trainee preparation program/ Dr. Mohammed Saleh

The Second International Scientific Conference in cooperation between the Iraqi Business Administration Association and the University of Sulaymaniyah April 2019 / Dr. Orouba Rashid Ali

A multilevel study of service brand buildingDr. Ammar Youssef

Corporate Governance / Dr. Mohamed Saleh Hadi

Computer software courses Access,outlook/ Dr. Mohammed Saleh

The International Scientific Conference of the University of Karbala May 2019 / Dr. Orouba Rashid Ali

The importance of differential equations in our life/ Asst. L. Wafaa Ali Sultan

Contractual Management/ Dr. Zainab Shallal

E XCEL , POWERPOINT & WORD / Dr. Mohammed Saleh

Sustainability and the role of human resources/ Asst.L. Wameed Abdel-Zahra Khudair

A functional project for the management of human resources that is looking for a job/ Asst. L. Wameed Abdel-Zahra Khudair

Scenario thinking patterns and strategies of decision makers

A training course at the College of Science on the methodology of scientific research / Dr. Orouba Rashid Ali

Public health administration and health insurance benefits/ Asst.L.Wameed Abdel-Zahra Khudair

Modern Research Methods in Business Administration/ Asst. L. Wameed Abdel-Zahra Khudair

Introduction to strategy

Microsoft word course/ Asst.L. Thaer Khalaf Khashan



Introduction to International Business

 Class Room course/ Asst.L. Thaer Khalaf Khashan