Visions & goals

College Vision:

College of Administration and Economics in Basrah University as pines internationally distinguished in economic, administrative, financial and accounting aspects.
This College is keen to be distinguished scientifically, administratively and in the Quality of service which introduce it to the so city. It will be committed in the professional, a academic culture, as well as to fallow up the horizons of development in a academic, teaching.

College Message:

The college of Administration and Economic at the University of Basra seeks to provide the best services to the society and the parties that exchange interests and benefits with them and with the university through accurate diagnosis of their current and future needs and to achieve an effective and efficient response to these needs and expectations by ensuring the quality of all university operations and practices (educational, research, advisory, and administrative)
And according to the following:
* The best investment of college’s resources and energies through effective commitment to implement the terms of the quality assurance system and academic accreditation.
* Improving the performance of human resources (academic and functional bodies) through participation in specialized and advanced teaching and development courses inside and outside the country.
* Preparing plans and programs that include the use of resources (material, financial, and technical) available to the college in improving the overall performance of the college.

The Goals:

1- Putting the aims and plans which enable the College to improve its scientific standard.
2- Developing the plans and mechanisms that follow up the scientific development in specialization in College.
3- Preparing the requirements which in due to find the chest environment for the lecturers and students.
4- Preparing suitable opportunities to Coues the need of College from scientific staff.
5- Putting the plans which help to improve the response to the lapis market and sauce the societ.